Yamaha YSS-475II Intermediate Soprano Saxophone


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The YSS-475II is designed to offer professional qualities at an intermediate price. Much of its design is based upon the Custom EX saxes, and it shares many of the same features. The 475II offers outstanding response, tone, and intonation, as well as comfortable playability.

The YSS-475II features a yellow brass body, neck, bell and key material. Nickel-plated keys and a gold lacquer finish add to its look and feel. It also features waterproof leather and wool felt pads with plastic tone boosters. A front F, high F# and drawn tone holes round out the feature set.

Its Bb spatula key facilitates proper technique and increases comfort. A high F# key offers more alternate fingerings along with a true high F#. The YSS-475II’s body taper improves intonation and provides optimal air flow. Its lower vent tube reduces lower vent key noise. Adjustable key guard felts offer optimum venting and intonation. Tapered pivot screws make for smooth key action. Beautiful laser engraving.

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