Brass Repair

Whether you play, Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, French Horn, Tuba or anything in between, we can handle your repair for you - Silver or Brass. We remove dents - small or extensive, solder, braise and do custom work.

Here's what we do for Brass Playing Condition

Corks and felts are replaced to proper specifications as needed. Any loose joints are soldered. The valves are checked for proper fit with free movement. Any severely damaged parts are replaced as necessary. Any missing parts are replaced. Waterkey corks are replaced. The valves are oiled and the slides are greased. Dents are removed if requested.

Trombone Slides

Slides are cleaned thoroughly using our state of the art Ultra Sonic Cleaner, dents are removed, all tubes are straightened, aligned and matched. Waterkey cork is replaced.

Our Brass Chem Clean

The entire instrument is disassembled. Old corks, felts, oil and grease are removed. The valves are inspected for free movement. The interior of each instrument is cleaned to like new condition using our state of the art Ultra Sonic Cleaner. Loose joints are soldered. Silver instruments are hand polished, if requested. New felts and corks are installed to exact specifications. The valves are oiled and the slides are greased. Dents are removed upon request!

Ultra Sonic Instrument Cleaning

Fleming Musical Instruments & Repair is proud to utilize Ultra Sonic Cleaning. This State of the Art cleaning technique uses a sonic vibration and water-based cleaning solutions to gently remove all organic material from deep inside each instrument where brushes and rinsing just can’t reach. You won’t believe how clean your instrument can get.

Video Scope Probe

Whenever the need arises to look far into the tubing of an instrument, we break out our Video Probe. This very cool scope can tell us if your valves are lining up properly or if there is something blocking a tube. With the help of the scope, we can make the necessary adjustments to solve before, unseen problems. We love new technology.

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