Yamaha YSL-448G Intermediate Tenor Trombone (Large Shank)


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The Yamah YSL-448G is a medium bore closed wrap intermediate tenor trombone. The YSL-448G is a terrific large bore upgrade for the advancing trombonist. No more struggling moving from 1st and 6th position for the still maturing student. The trigger allows the musican to play 4 additional lower notes that are otherwise unaccessible in a standard 'peashooter' trombone. Trigger trombones add additional alternate positions allowing for some technical flexibilty when playing different musical literature.

This horn can fit your needs in the concert, jazz, and marching ensembles. This trombone is in great cosmetic and mechanical shape. The slides moves with ease and the rotor engages freely.


  • Bell: 8.5" Gold Brass
  • Wrap: Traditional/Closed
  • Bore: .547" Large
  • Linkage: String
  • Case: Yamaha Intermediate

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