Selmer Paris 52AXOS Professional Alto Saxophone


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The 52AXOS saxophone is made in the Henri Selmer Paris factory located in Mantes-la-Ville, France, in the same factory as all other models since 1922. Like all top-line Henri Selmer Paris instruments, this model continues the tradition of craftsmanship manufacturing integrating new industrial techniques. This guarantees that the Henri Selmer Paris sound identity is found as well on the AXOS as any other pro-line Selmer, a delicate balance between rich harmonics and roundness of sound.  The AXOS utilizes the same materials along with modern design and manufacturing techniques to produce a more affordable instrument with the trademark sound and playability one expects from a Selmer Paris saxophone. The result is a horn with fluid, ergonomic keywork, flawless intonation, and excellent response throughout the instrument’s entire range, including the altissimo register. The Selmer Paris 52 Axos alto saxophone is effortless to play in the low register and projects a round fullness in the midrange, while retaining Selmer’s signature tonal richness and projection. Seriously, this is one of our favorite horns in the shop and is regarded by us as one of the best buys for your money. This instrument is new from Selmer and has had a 40 point inspection service by our in-house techs. 

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