Selmer Paris Mark VII Alto Saxophone (1976)

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The Mark VII was introduced in 1974 directly after the legendary Mark VI's had been discontinued. The Mark VII shares much of the same design concepts as the Mark VI, but with a few modern re-designs. This Mark VII came off the line in 1976, just two years into the run of these legendary saxes.

The Mark VII has a reputation with players as being a solid horn and a good all-around alto. Tonally, it still carries that rich Selmer-Paris historic sound found in countless of recordings and performance from this time. This one came to us from a local player and, while having many hours on stage, has been carefully played and cared for. Original acquer is at about 70%, with common wear and 'flea-bites', and all pads seal. Comes with original neck and case. After inspection, no dents or damage are able to be located on the horn. There is a normal level of acid bleed and the bell to bow solder ring. This sax has a big sound and easy repsonse in all registers.

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