Schilke SB4-OT "Soloiste" Bb Trumpet


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The Schilke SB4-OT "Soloiste" Bb Trumpet is part of the Soloiste Series developed by Schilke Music. This series was a design collaboration with Schilke international artist Marc Geujon, and the SB4-OT model was specifically developed with Schilke Artist Osamu Takahashi.

The SB4-OT model offers options for bell, main tuning slide, and bracing design, built to the specifications of Osamu Takahashi. These design elements combine to provide a unique experience for the orchestral trumpet player.

At the heart of the Soloiste Series is a new valve casing designed for a resonant, clear sound throughout its register. The SB4-OT's leadpipe and bell are also new designs, created specifically for Osamu Takahashi.

The SB4-OT Bb Trumpet features a one-piece, hand-hammered yellow brass HD bell, a Soloiste standard leadpipe, and a square main tuning slide with a brace. It has a medium large bore of .460". The trumpet also features an exquisite bell engraving, adding an elegant touch to the instrument.

The Soloiste Series trumpets are handcrafted and hand fit, and each instrument is covered by the Schilke Limited Lifetime Warranty. The SB4-OT model comes with a beautiful newly designed Soloiste Series double case and a Symphony Series mouthpiece.

Schilke Music has a storied tradition of craftsmanship and excellence, with over 100 years of high-quality brass instrument making. The Soloiste Series, including the SB4-OT model, represents a significant innovation in the company's product line, offering a unique design different from all previous Schilke instruments.


  • Bell: One piece, hand hammered yellow brass HD bell with a #3 bell taper.
  • Tuning Slide: Square w/ Brace
  • Bore: .460" ML

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