Greenhoe GC2-Y Professional Tenor Trombone


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The GC2-Y is an excellent small bore trombone that combines both qualities yellow brass and nickel in one trombone. The yellow brass bell pairs well with the lightweight nickel outer slide, allowing for the player to really dig into the trombone. The GC2-Y comes with two removable leadpipes allowing for some interchangeability. This trombone is balanced in the hands and it holds a strong core throughout all the registers. Articulations feel crisp, and the trombone can traverse soft and loud dynamics depending on the literature.


  • 8" bell
  • Yellow brass main tuning slide
  • Yellow brass gooseneck
  • Lightweight nickel-silver handslide
  • Greenhoe counterweight
  • Two leadpipes
  • Greenhoe care kit
  • Schilke Mouthpiece
  • Custom Case

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