Greenhoe GB5-3G Bass Trombone


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The Greenhoe GB5 is designed in the tradition of the full-bodied orchestral bass trombones of the mid to late 20th century. Featuring a one-piece bell with soldered rim, the GB5 offers a classic sound with tremendous projection, as well as a quick response and impeccable clarity.

Greenhoe history

Greenhoe trombones began in 2002 under the direction and design of Gary Greenhoe. Gary has been an instrumental part of high-quality trombone design for most of his 41 years as a professional trombonist with the Milwaukee Symphony. Gary’s patented Greenhoe valve system is at the center of every Greenhoe Trombone. Greenhoe Trombone designs represent a return to a classic sound with the highest quality.

Schilke Music Products is committed to preserving the design and legacy Gary has created and developed. Schilke uses state-of-the-art technology, combined with traditional old-world craftsmanship and expert assembly, to carry on Greenhoe designs. Schilke Music’s unparalleled quality of construction ensures the highest standards in modern trombone sound, and performance without compromise. With the integration of Greenhoe Inc. into Schilke Music Products, the leader in high quality brass manufacturing for more than 60 years, Greenhoe trombones will continue to represent the highest standard of excellence.

Bell Material: Gold Brass
Bell Design: One-piece Bell w/ Soldered Rim
Bell Thickness: LT
Bell Size: 9.5″
Bore Size: .562″
Main Tuning Slide: Yellow Brass
Valves: Independent Greenhoe Valves w/ Yellow Brass Tubing
Valve Tuning: F/Gb/D
Valve Caps: Standard
Handslide: Yellow Brass
Handslide Crook: Nickel Silver
Leadpipe: Interchangeable (2), Yellow Brass


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