Greenhoe GB4-1Y Professional Tenor Trombone


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The Greenhoe GB4 features a design based upon the finest mid to late 20th century orchestral large bore trombones. The GB4's one-piece bell with soldered rim offers a broad sound and excellent projection with minimal effort. Subtleties and nuances abound with Greenhoe's improvements to the classic design.

Bell Material: Yellow

Bell Thickness: LT

Main Tuning Slide: Yellow Brass

Valve: Single Greenhoe Valve w/ Yellow Brass Tubing

Bore Size: .547"

Handslide Outer Tubing: Yellow Brass

Handslide Crook: Nickel Silver

Leadpipe: Interchangeable

Greenhoe Tenor Trombones include a custom leather lightweight hard shell case for optimum protection.

All of our pre-owned and new instruments come fully inspected by our in-house repair shop. If you have any questions or would like to make an offer, please feel free to contact us directly at the shop through our phone 713-426-3663 or email @

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