C.G. Conn 6M Alto Saxophone (1955)

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One of the most popular vintage saxophones ever produced. The Conn 6M was played by some of the greatest early period musicians. C.G. Conn was one of the largest and most respected manufacturers of brass and woodwind instruments in the world, with its headquarters and factory in Elkhart, Indiana. The 6M model was produced from the 1930s until the late 1960s, making it one of the longest-running saxophone models by any maker. With it's ahead-of-its-time underslung octave neck mechanism, straight tone holes, and many other professional features, this became one of the premier saxes during it's time. This one came to us from a local collector in good condition. This sax has had a relacquer in it's many years playing, and after an adjustment service, still sounds and plays like the famous vintage saxes from it's era. Big, powerful, and punchy (but flexible tone). The sax is mechanically sound and does play full range. All parts appear original and in phenomenal shape. The sax will ship with a warranty, is fully functioning and ready to go! Don't miss owning this fabulous piece of history at a discounted price. The impact of the "Naked Lady" on the saxophone world is significant, as it has become a symbol of the golden age of saxophone manufacturing and is associated with some of the finest instruments ever produced. 

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