Bach Stradivarius Corporation Model 25L Trumpet (180S25L)

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This Corporation trumpet was made during the Ealry Elkhart Period of Bach's manufacturing which contain some slight differences from the Mt. Vernon era instruments. These Corporation horns have a slightly thicker bell thickness and a steel wire rim bead on the bell. 

The 180S25L Bb trumpet features a 25 bell and a (.462") large bore. The 25 bell is slightly tighter than its more popular 27 bell counterpart. This tighter throat allow for a tighter, more focused sound that can be ideal for some lead players. This Corporation era trumpet has a large sound and would be ideal for someone who is seeking more presence in their playing.

The silver plating on this trumpet body has worn off on the high contact areas. Former dent repair can be seen thoughout the bell stem and flare. An added feature to note is the 1812G gold plated heavy bottom valve caps.

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