H.N. White King Super 20 (1016 - Series III) Tenor Saxophone


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This vintage tenor sax dates back to the late 1950's and still has most of its original lacquer intact.

Known as the pinnacle of American made saxophones, the King Super 20 was one of the most praised models from this vintage era. These saxes were used by some of the most famous musicians from the 40's and 50's and are still highly desirable today. This saxophone has a Brass bell and body with elaborate engravings on the bell keys which are from factory. This particular saxophone also features mother of pearl key touches throughout the horn.

Here are some words from the original pamphlet that came with the saxophone from H.N. White:

  • Improved bore proportions and tone hole placement give a remarkably accurate scale line and enhance tonal quality
  • Unique air-sealed mouthpipe joint gives more power with less effort
  • Enlarged bell size gives greater resonance and power
  • New key cluster is custom-fitted to hands, permits faster and more comfortable action
  • Saxophone weight is balanced for easier playing
  • Center-action keys assure faster, positive action
  • Accelerated octave key reacts faster, gives better leverage, snaps back instantly
  • Long bell-key rods are located between body and bell of instrument to prevent catching of clothing and give easier, direct action
  • Precision ground stainless steel key rods will not corrode or wear out
  • Articulated C#, B, Bb, and G# keys for faster, more accurate response
  • Wider seating area on sockets will not cut pads, assures leak-proof fit. Pear inlay key buttons last a lifetime
  • Rigid nickel-silver side keys give greater strength
  • Lock nuts on rods are locked at factory, will not loosen, effectively prevent side play and rattle

King Super-20, 1016. Rich and vibrant in every register, always at the command of the player. Sterling silver mouthpipe (neck)

This saxophone has surface scratches on the finish that do not detract from the playability of the horn. The neck has signs of lacquer loss and the gray of the sterling silver can be seen on both sides of the neck.

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