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Horns in the Works

Updated 10/4/2022

These Pre-Owned instruments are NOT published on our website or Reverb account because they are still undergoing repairs. These instruments WILL BE fully serviced and adjusted at our in-house repair shop before they are published online and placed in our showroom.

Typical services can include a variety of procedures such as repads, overhauls, dent work, soldering, brazing, re-stringing, fabrication, valve repair, and custom key work.

Partial payment can be made prior to service to ensure the instrument is reserved for whomever is interested. If you have any questions about pricing and condition, feel free to call, message, or email us at the shop.

Have an instrument you’re on the hunt for? Contact us and we can add you to our shop inquiry list as well.   


  • R13 (Three available) 

Bass Clarinet

  • Buffet Bass Clarinet


  • Mark VI (Tenor) #229XXX
  • Martin Imperial (Tenor) #112XXX
  • Couf Superba II (Soprano) #74XXX
  • Couf Superba I (Tenor) #87XXX
  • King Zephyr (Alto) #308XXX
  • Mark VI (Alto) #80XXX
  • Selmer Balanced Action (Alto) #61XXX
  • YAS-52
  • YAS-62


  • Getzen Doc Severinsen Bb 
  • Bach 180S37 Bb 
  • Yamaha YTR-8335
  • Kanstul 1001 


  • Benge 165F


  • Petersburg Nickel Bb Tuba


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