Yamaha YTR-9445NYS-YM Xeno Series New York Model Professional Trumpet


Only 1 left!

This beautiful top of the line YTR 9445NYS-YM is a brand new horn in perfect condition. Yamaha created this unique C trumpet with the help of some of the worlds top trumpet players with one goal in mind, Make the best sounding, most high quality new C trumpet but most importantly, they wanted it to feel great to play. This horn is the NYS-YM, not to be confused with the 8445 model, The NYS-YM has been tested and perfected to the taste of many professional trumpet players. This model also features a new, upgraded YM bell which helps create a clear and well-defined tone. This particular trumpet is brand new and is in in both perfect playing and cosmetic condition.


462″ bore

MC1 Leadpipe

One piece 4-7/8″ YM taper bell

Monel alloy pistons

TRC-801E Case

TR17B4 Mouthpiece

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