Yamaha YTR-6810 Piccolo Trumpet

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This professional piccolo trumpet is an excellent choice for any musician looking to expand into the realm of piccolo trumpet. Crafted by Yamaha and made to be an ideal trumpet for the professional player looking for durability, great sound, and affordability. This model has four piston valves and Bb/A exchangeable leadpipes. Known to produce a full and robust tone that fits well in small chamber or solo settings. Will undergo a full hand polishing and final adjustment upon purchase.

The features include two interchangeable lead pipes for keys of Bb/A, a .413" bore, a 3-3/4" one-piece bell, 4 Monel pistons,  a silver-plated finish


  • Bb/A Lead Pipes: .413" bore
  • 3 3/4" one piece bell
  • 4 monel pistons
  • Silver plated

This pre owned piccolo trumpet was well taken care of by a local Houston freelancer and educator. Included is a Bb trumpet case to temporarily house the instrument for shipping.