Yamaha YSL-448G Intermediate F-Attachment Trombone


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The Yamaha YSL-448G is one of the most popular intermediate horns on the market. Yamaha continues its tradition of durability and excellent design with this model which is still in production. The YSL-448G features a .547 inch bore, an 8.5 inch bell, yellow brass leadpipe, yellow brass body construction, a two-piece gold brass bell, clear lacquer finish, and a string linkage rotor system. 

This trombone has a warm and focused sound in and out of the trigger range. Crossing the partials feels easy, and the articulations respond immediately. If you are looking for your first trigger trombone, this would be an excellent choice. 
Lastly, this trombone comes fully cleaned from our in house repair shop and is ready to play. The tuning slides move freely, the trigger engages with ease, and the hand slide feels smooth. Some small dents can be seen throughout the bell and slide crook, but these are purely cosmetic and do not affect the playability of the horn. 

If you have any questions or would like to make an offer, please feel free to contact us directly at the shop through our phone 713-426-3663 or email @ Wes.Hughes@flemingrepair.com