The Martin Magna Alto Saxophone (1959)


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Out of Elkhart Indiana, The Martin Magna was the crowning achievement in Martin saxophone production during it's production run. Although the tone and response was similar to the Committee model, the Magna model was tricked out with many extra professional features. Including, but not limited to, an adjustable octave mechanism screw to control the height of the octave key, an enlarged left-hand thumb pearl, adjustable bow and bell key felts, an extra roller on the G# table, solid silver neck, and a silver cross embossed in the center of the bell and neck. Often said to have a bigger, darker, and more rich tone than the popular Comittee models at the same time. The Magna was the last horn Martin sold before selling the company and beginning to make Stencil horns like the Martin 800. This model was sold as a more professional version of the Comittee. This sax is a real screamer! Very lush and a wonderful player. The Magna was owned by an adult and was played and cared for very well. The instrument shows some minor signs of past repair, but has been done very professionally. Lacquer is at about 80%-90%.
Upon sale the silver neck will be fully handpolished.

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