Selmer Paris Mark VII Tenor Saxophone (1975)

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The Mark VII was introduced in 1974 after the revered Mark VI's had been discontinued. The Mark VII shares much of the same design concepts as it's older cousin the Mark VI, but with a few modern re-designs. This tenor is an early Mark VII which has the Mark VI engraving. It is American-assembled, and was one of the first Mark VII’s made. The Mark VII has a growing reputation with players as being a solid horn and a good all-around tenor – different from a Mark VI, but good in its own way. Tonally, it is not all that different from a late VI (if you have played one in the 220-230k range for example), except that the keywork is slightly redesigned. This one came to us from a local jazz player and, while having many hours on stage, has been carefully played and cared for. Original acquer is at about 50% and with a recent re-pad featuring white leather, this sax SINGS. No major dents or damage on the horn, but there is possible evidence of dent work on the bow. Big sound and easy repsonse in all registers. It has been fully serviced at our in-house repair shop and will ship to you in full playing condition. 

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