Miraphone Hans Kreul Professional Oboe

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Kreul oboes were the most significant oboes made in Germany during the second half of the twentieth century. In the 1990s the Kreul company, after mergers with Marigaux and Uebel, became the largest producer of oboes in the world. During fifty years of manufacturing, Kreul oboes reached nearly all corners of the world. Many of the exported Kreul instruments were not labeled with the name Kreul, but the name of the purchaser or dealer, for which the instruments were made (e.g. Mirafone); this was common practice during these years. This is why hardly anyone recognizes the name Kreul in the United States, even though thousands of Kreul oboes were imported. These “re-labeled” instruments would sometimes undergo final adjustments and modifications by the purchaser or dealer. The Mirafone oboes were in fact made by Hans Kreul II in Tübingen, Germany. By the mid 1960s the Kreuls were exporting hundreds of oboes a year to the United States with the name Mirafone stamped on them. The Miraphone/Kreul relationship lasted about three decades, until Mirafone was sold to two of its employees, in the early 1980s.

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The owner of this oboe has taken very good care of it over the years and it has been very well cared for. There is no sign or evidence of any major repairs on the oboe. If you'd like more information on the History of Kreul, please check out The Kreul oboe: history of a family business, by Thomas Pappas.

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