JodyJazz E. Rousseau ER 50 "Classic" Alto Mouthpiece


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Next Generation State of The Art Classical Mouthpiece – Inspired by Eugene Rousseau

The Rousseau ER50 Classic Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece is designed to give increased projection and freedom. The free-blowing nature of this mouthpiece allows the player to explore a diverse tonal palette with increased nuance. The ER50 Classic allows for more freedom and expansion on the lower range of the instrument. It offers enhanced warmth of the sound while still retaining the classic singing saxophone sound that Dr. Rousseau is famous for. The ER50 Classic is perfect for any saxophone soloist looking to take the stage with a large ensemble.
The ER50 Classic was in development for over one year and is made entirely at the JodyJazz factory using our state-of the art 3D modeling and CNC machinery. Then using our expert craftsmanship, we hand finish these mouthpieces to an excellence and consistency that is unparalleled.


**The photos above show BOTH the new Custom AND Classic.***Upon purchase you will only receive the CLASSIC model. You will NOT receive the CUSTOM model. 

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