Conn Coprion-Director

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The Conn Coprion Director Trumpet is a durable horn that lives up to the standard set by the C. G. Conn tradition. The horn has a .459" bore a clear lacquer finish, nickel plated pistons and a copper Coprion bell.

The process necessary for producing the Coprion bell was developed by Conn in 1938. It consists of electrolytically depositing copper ions (hence the name Coprion) onto a stainless steel precision form accurate to millionths of an inch (so Conn said in its 1959 catalog), creating a seamless bell. Coprion isn't the same as a "rose brass" or "red brass" bell; these are brass bells with a higher copper content. Coprion is 100% pure copper.

The horn came to us from a local musician in good condition and is in full playing condition. The horn has some honest wear from years of use. There is lacquer loss around the horn in the most touched areas like the middle of the valves and on the third valve slide. The damage is all cosmetic however, and is in great playing condition.

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