Besson BE967 Sovereign Compensating Euphonium

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The Besson company was founded in 1837 by Gustave August Besson in Paris. His instruments became famous in Europe and have become a gold standard in the Euphonium community.

This Besson 967 Sovereign Compensating Euphonium comes in a lacqured finish and is in great playing shape.
The euphonium features an 11 inch bell, medium large bore, and has plastic valve guides.
The instrument produces a warm sound throughout all the registers. Articulations are crisp but still have the warmth you find amongst Besson euphoniums.
This BE967 comes fully serviced from our in house repair shop. 
The valves have quick action, tuning slides move freely, and the 4th valve retention paddle moves well. It seems that the 3rd tuning slide cluster has been pushed into the body slightly, but this should not affect the playability of the horn. Previous signs of bell repair can be seen inside the flare. 

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