Bach New York Model 6 Stradivarius Tenor Trombone

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This Bach New York Model 6 Trombone was made in 1949.  Attached is the official Bach manufacturing card that lists the instruments specs. New York era instruments are deemed to be extremly collectable and are regarded for their amazing playability. This trombone would have fallen under the Post-War era of instruments manufactured by Bach. Bach had to cut back on production during the war and produced smaller quantites of instruments with their shortage in staff and materials. 

The Model 6 Bach Stradivarius Trombones are regarded for being some of the best small bore trombones on the market. The slightly tighter bore favors those who play in the upper register for long periods of times. You can crank the air flow to get these horns to cut through an ensemble, and you can dial it back to blend in section solis no problem. 

Overall this horn is a player! It looks as if the trombone was relacqured at some point in its life as depicted in the photos. The slide is in amazing shape for its age and moves smoothly. The horn has great response in all the registers and can definelty cut through a big band. That being said, the low register is open and responsive even for being such a tight bore. 
The trombone comes with its original case and and counterweight. 

This instrument comes fully serviced in our in house repair shop. Whether you're an avid collector, or gigging musician, this is a great opportunity to get your hands on one of the best small bore trombones ever produced. 

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