Bach 50th Anniversary 190S37

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In 1965, the manufacturing of Bach Stradivarius trumpets was moved from Mount Vernon New York to Elkhart Indiana marking a new era in Vincent Bach history. The year 2015 marks fifty years of Bach Stradivarius manufacturing in Elkhart. In celebration of the 50th anniversary and in carrying on the legacy and vision of the master craftsman, the makers of today’s Bach Stradivarius proudly introduce the Bach Stradivarius 190S37 professional Bb trumpet.
This particular horn has a very warm sound and keeps a consistent sound throughout the entire range. The articulations are focused and weighty, but can be dialed back for nimble passages as well. Overall this trumpet is the complete package. 

The 190S37 features:
  • .459" Medium-large bore
  • Standard weight body
  • Two-piece valve casing construction
  • Standard weight yellow brass one-piece hand-hammered #37 bell with a side seam and a round steel wire bell rim
  • Standard construction #25 mouthpipe
  • Monel pistons
  • Brass and plastic valve guides
  • Nickel silver outer and brass inner slides
  • 1st slide thumb saddle
  • Adjustable 3rd slide rod stop
  • Silver-plate finish
  • C180 woodshell case

This trumpet comes fully serviced from our in house repair shop. The tuning slides move with ease, and the valves have great action. This 190S37 also comes with an additonal dump slide with a water key. Allowing the player to pick and choose their dump slide preference!

All of our pre-owned and new instruments come fully inspected by our in-house repair shop. If you have any questions or would like to make an offer, please feel free to contact us directly at the shop through our phone 713-426-3663 or email @