Yanagisawa AWO2 Bronze Professional Alto Saxophone


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The AWO2 bronze model is a proven contender in the sax market that excels in its class and delivers professional performance at an affordable price. 
Yanagisawa has been producing some of the worlds finest saxophones for decades and the AWO2 is no exception. This WO2model has a higher bronze content in the brass producing a warmer, rounder tone, with more overtones. Along with a gorgeous bronze brass color. This WO2 features all the normal professional features of the AWO1 including metal thumb rest and hook, pointed pivot screws, blue steel needle springs, tri-point brace and more. These saxes are known for their free-blowing resonant tone and their ability to play and blend well with all musical genres. 

This Pre-Owned AWO2 has slight wear in the lacquer on the thumb rests and palm keys.

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