Yamaha YTS-82ZASP Custom Atelier Tenor Sax


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YTS-82ZII Custom Z Atelier Tenor Saxophone is a special edition tenor from the master crasftsman at Yamaha. It offers the ultimate combination of expressiveness, response and control while staying true to their free-spirited origins. Since the Custom Z was introduced in 2003, the technology, craftsmanship and specifications of the Custom Z series have continued to improve to fulfill the needs of the highest level musicians. The Yamaha YTS-82ZII tenor saxophone is a preferred horn for the working professional and the Atelier version takes this epic build an extra step further. The list of new features is impressive. One-piece bell with new engraving In the tradition of those coveted vintage saxophones, the 82Z now comes equipped with a one-piece bell! This feature drastically improves low end response and offers the player a wider palette of tonal color. More elaborate with finer detail, the new engraving design offers delicate beauty. Metal Resonators Domed metal resonators offer an outstanding response and deliver a wider dynamic range. The entire range of the instrument has a clearer pronunciation, providing effortless playability all around. In the interest of continuous and ongoing product improvement, Yamaha’s leading artists enjoy access to the company’s top designers, relationships that often result in unique customizations to their instruments. The Custom Z Atelier tenor has some of the most-requested custom improvements to the ergonomics of the horn. Featuring a re-angled G key touch, the upper cluster has been redesigned to feel more natural under your left hand. The left-hand thumb rest is fabricated from hard rubber and has a more rounded feel to it, providing a superior grip while still allowing flexibility for the player who doesn’t want to be constrained to one position. The strap ring has also been repositioned further up and to the right, which offers improved feel and balance for players who prefer their horn more centered while standing. The YTS-82ZII Atelier’s right-hand thumb hook is made of brass, while its plate has been decreased in size — another seemingly small detail that, together with all the other enhancements on this superb horn, contributes to the supreme playing comfort of this high-performance saxophone.

Yamaha outfitted the YTS-82ZII Atelier Special tenor saxophone with their Custom C1 neck — a top choice among experienced and professional saxophonists. The C1 neck offers Yamaha’s smallest bore taper, which promotes a ready response with instant attack and greater control over dynamics and timbral variation, focusing your notes and providing a compact landing zone for intonation. Growling, raspy, breathy, or sweet, the C1 neck allows you to explore the full voice of your instrument, and you can push it as hard as you want with the confidence you’ll be rewarded with a commanding sound. The lighter weight of the C1 neck is offset to a degree by the Custom Z Atelier tenor’s extra-heavy gold-plated neck screw. 

Z Style Case: The 82Z saxophones come in slim, lightweight cases which provide excellent protection.

This one was owned by a local collector and is in excellent condition and is playing full range with a full bodied sound! This one has to be played to be believed.

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