Conn C-Melody Saxophone (#131xxx) (Late 1920's)

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Here we have a local collector/musician's personal Conn C-Melody (low pitch) Saxophone. These saxes have quite the history as they were used by amateur musicians in the 1920's to play along with piano or other musicians pitched in C. No transposition required. The 'low pitch' denotes that the sax has been tuned to 440Hz (in the 20's most saxes were tuned at 450Hz). This one is in fair shape and does still play, but will need repair work to sound it's best. The sound of these saxes is described as full and open. Good mechanical action in the keys. If you would like to purchase this saxophone with repair work, please contact us for further details. Comes with original case. We understand many of our customers across the world have preferred businesses and wanted to offer the opportunity for the potential buyer to take the work to their preferred shop. This saxophone is currently being sold as-is.

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