H.N. White King 2b Silversonic Tenor Trombone (1960)


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A testament of one of the best lead trombones ever made in the market, the King 2b Silversonic holds a spot in the trombone Mount Rushmore of historic models ever made. From big band, brass band, combo, salsa, swing, etc... This trombone does it all.

The ever famous dual bore slide of the 2b paired with the sterling bell makes this a fierce instrument in any section. The extreme registers keep a solid core throughout loud dynamics and can be heard throughout an entire hall.

This instrument is in magnificent condition and the only large detail that sticks out is the lacquer wear on the inside of the bell flare. Besides that, this instrument is in beautiful shape for its age. The slide has amazing smooth and fast action for the tolerances of a vintage slide such as this. The original case is in fantastic shape and all latches and springs are intact.


  • 7 3/8" Bell Flare
  •  481”-491” dual bore hand slide
  • Clear Lacquer/Sterling Bell
  • Original Coffin Case
  • Original Certificate of Authenticity
  • M21 Mouthpiece (Non ribbed rim)

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