Eastman ETS852 52nd Street Tenor (Unlacquered)


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Same street, new standard. Developed exclusively with acclaimed saxophonist Bob Mintzer, Eastman’s design team has pushed the 52nd Street family of saxophones to a new standard of precision, elegance, and sound. With Bob’s insight into professional playing preferences, Eastman was able to create the horn Bob dreamed of: the 52nd Street ETS852 tenor saxophone. Featuring a classic American sound The ETS852 tenor includes defining features of the 52nd Street saxophone. Rolled-style tone holes, a larger bell, and an unlacquered finish contribute heavily to the classic American saxophone sound concept. A big, fat sound with indisputable core fills any venue in which it's played. These design elements are expertly paired with the patented DS mechanism—the keywork design that provides players with unrivaled stability and elegance. Also featuring the new M neck.

After much research and design to find the perfect neck combo for the horn, the “M” neck, for Mintzer, was born. This broad neck opens the ETS852 and leaves you feeling that the instrument isn’t even there – it's just you, and your expression of music.

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