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Saxophone Repair

The word is out! Ed's reputation as a top sax repair technician is growing quickly. Jazz professionals, Symphony caliber players and University Professors & students from, not only the Houston area, but from all over the United States and Canada are discovering just how easily their horns are capable of responding. Visit our Endorsements page and read what some of Ed's loyal customers have to say. Saxophone Repair

Ed combines his vast experience and some special techniques to produce saxes that simply play beautifully. The entire range of the instrument delivers whatever the player asks of it. Ed specializes in giving his saxes a "feel" that is extremely comfortable, making them a joy to play. Before doing any work on an instrument, Ed discusses with each client in detail what will be done and the cost involved, while taking into consideration how he or she wants their horn to respond.

Here's what Ed does on his Professional Level Overhauls:

Removes all key corks and pads, Removes and inspects all keys, Replaces all key corks, Cleans interior and exterior body surfaces and all key work, Replaces and properly levels all pads, Replaces the neck cork to make the client's personal mouthpiece fit snugly and evenly the entire length of the cork, Aligns and centers all key cups, Balances and equalizes spring tensions - also to the client's playing preference, Calibrates all key heights and openings to facilitate maximum tuning accuracy and playing responsiveness, Calibrates all key work to ensure maximum allowable travel tolerances, Custom fits all key work; swedges and /or straightens keys as necessary to allow tight fit to the body of the instrument - which quiets the key work, Matches keys and rods for free flowing action, Inspects all body surfaces - exterior and interior, Inspects and cleans octave tube, Inspects and replaces needle springs and flat springs as necessary, Levels tone holes as needed, Removes all lost motion between key adjustments, Oils all key work, Play tests Instrument to ensure ease of playing and balance throughout all ranges.

Special techniques are utilized throughout the entire range to give each instrument a special "feel" that set it apart from ordinary instruments.


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