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Kanagaroo Sax Pads Don't Stick

Kanagaroo Sax Pads Kangaroo pads are the latest and truly the greatest innovation in Sax pads. These white Kangaroo leather pads simply don’t stick! Imagine not worrying if your G# will give you problems any more. What a relief. Not only do these pads not stick, they also reduce pad noise. They’re very quiet while playing. Because of the specific characteristics of the kangaroo leather, these pads are much stronger and more durable than conventional pads. We offer our Kangaroo pads with Selmer style domed metal resonators with a center rivot.

Kangaroo pads are really catching on. More and more players every day are seeing the benefit in having us install them in their sax.

Don’t struggle with sticky pads for one more gig. Contact us today to get these fantastic pads in your horn.



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